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Fabric inlays:   Inlays add a colorful and traditional look.  Reserved normally only for longboards due to the added weight, a cloth inlay will add style and value to any shape or size surfboard. Follow the links to see the cloth demo.

               >>click here

Click HERE!Tails: Click HERE for information on tail designs. What they are, how they work, and how they affect your board.  Also new to the site is information on cloth inlays, extra wood, fiberglass, and airbrushing.

Click HERE!Adam in Indo!   Adam McFarland has been traveling the world for nearly a year in search of epic surf.  Click HERE to see a few shots of the waves he scored last fall in Indonesia.  More coming soon.

[_private/mrslide.htm] Vermilya Surfboard's parent company, VSC Enterprises, now has its hands in the cookie jar of Hollywood.  If you haven't already seen Melrose Registry click here for a peek into the world of modeling and acting.

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